First time Boondocking

August 23, 2021 On August 20th we left West Virgina and found a farm to boondock with through Harvest Hosts. It was our first time using this app or boon docking so we really didn't know what to expect. The drive took longer than we realized so we arrived just as it was beginning to get dark. Our hosts met us out back on their ATV where the farm began. It was called Bent Limb farm and they primarily had Alpacas, but there were also goats, giant pigs, chickens, geese, turkeys, and rabbits. Some of the goats were also of the fainting variety, but…

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The end of our first stay

August 20th 2021 We stayed in West Virginia through August 20th. The last few days of our stay we toured the local insane asylum and took a brief tour there. The history of this place was amazing. We learned about a heist that led to West Virginia becoming its own state separate from Virginia. We also learned about just how few rights women had not that long ago. It was so easy to have a woman institutionalized for anything from burning dinner to praying too much and only the man who signed her in could get her back out again. It was a sad…

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My first time at a Campground

August 16, 2021 We made it to our campsite on August, 11th. Our Good Samaritan neighbors helped Luke back into our site which was very kind. They also taught Luke about how to use our truck mirrors when backing to see where the camper is going. I realized later I should have paid attention to this too...We drove though some mountains and valleys and were surprised to see how much less gas mileage we had towing up steep grades, but we didn't have any problems. However, when we arrived at the campground we saw that some cabinets in the living room had the bottom…

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The Journey Begins

August 10, 2021 Our journey began on August 10th. We had been planning to visit Luke's mother and grandmother at their new summer cabin in Buckhannon, West Virginia and they had expected us to get there days ago, but we were still waiting for our hitch to finish being installed. You know how that went this year. You ordered something, it took forever to arrive, then it shows up with the wrong parts. That's about what happened with our hitch being installed. I had my last day of work on August 6th which was bittersweet. My team gave me a thoughtful bunch of gifts.…

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