Sinking into our Beautiful Wildnerness

May 13, 2023 I’m not sure if there is anything that brings me more excitement and wonder than a treasure hunt.  This is probably why my mother continued to design Easter egg hunts for me every year well into adulthood.  This week I was able to go on the most extraordinary treasure hunt in the Grand Staircase.  The day I had been waiting for had finally arrived.  I woke up with the sunrise and packed up my hiking gear including plenty of water, snacks, and PB & J for lunch.  I was sure to wear loose fitting light clothing that covered me as I…

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How to Make Friends with a Bear

May 7, 2023 The weeks lately have started with our little dread party at Wendy’s place.  This week we also added beads and wraps to make them snazzy.  Wendy made the most fantastic garlic bread with dinner by making a garlic confit first.  You may wonder if the time it takes to do this is worth it and I’m here to tell you it is. It is week two of my class on the Science of Well Being.  This week the lesson included the importance of mindfully savoring experiences and reflecting on things we are grateful for each day.  I thought this would be…

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