How to be Happy

March 27, 2023 If you are just tuning in and don’t know how I ended up being a nomad in the Southwest, I’ll give you a little background.  We used to live in Massachusetts in a nice home on a cul-de-sac.  We had previously taken some vacation road trips around the Southwest and loved it out here.  Our lives were largely defined by our passions, goals, and relationships as is true for most.  I worked as a clinical supervisor at a non-profit helping people disabled by severe mental health conditions.  I thought that my work was important and meaningful and it took up a…

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Spring is in the Air

March 19, 2023 It has been a busy week for me here in Escalante which is why I’m a bit late getting this written.  We had a work campers reunion get together at our local pub last weekend.  The band was jamming and everyone seemed to have a good time and was happy to see each other.  I couldn’t convince anyone to dance with me, but luckily I am happy to dance alone.  A group of us went to the Mystic Hot Springs in Monroe which was 2 & 1/2 hours away.  We had nice weather while we were there.  The springs were the…

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Pagans and Cosmic Places

March 11, 2023 Many work campers have arrived here at Yonder over the past week while Luke has been away in Massachusetts doing projects with Caroline’s Cannabis.  He also made her website, isn’t it beautiful?  I was glad to have some people to help get me out since we are back at the campground and Luke took our truck.  I wasn’t about to drive 10 hours to take him the airport and it’s not so hard to go a week without transportation.  Curtis let me borrow his truck to finish a quick shoot I did for a local hotel, what a guy.  Sara drove…

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The Mud and the Blood, Part Deaux

March 5, 2023 Mud season is just about upon us as our weather has shifted from cold snow storms to warm days of melting over the past week.  This all brings us to what I hear is called mud season.  Wikipedia says that this term is usually used most commonly in the Great Lakes region and in northern New England, but I don’t recall hearing it often in Massachusetts.  Perhaps because most of the places I inhabited there were paved.  The mud is no joke so if you live in a place that celebrates this season, think twice before traveling on a dirt road.…

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