Utah National Parks in Winter

January 28, 2023 The winter adventures continued this week as we took Luke’s mother Lynn all around southern Utah and to the National parks.  It has continued to be snowy and cold for the rest of her time visiting so we found things to do in the car and took walks on paved and plowed roads.  We took a ride through Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary in Kanab and had a nice lunch at a Cuban restaurant.  She tried mojo pork and liked it which is great since I had it on my menu plan for later in the week.  Here is Angel’s Rest Pet…

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A Snowy Trip Through Southern Utah

January 21, 2023 Well Luke turned 40 yesterday and we celebrated his latest trip around the sun.  Luke’s mother Lynn has been visiting for the past week and so has very snowy weather.  We have been challenged with trying to find sights to show her and activities to do that she will enjoy.  It is still beautiful out here when it’s covered in snow, but you cannot see all of the colors of the landscape with the snow on everything and hiking is a bit challenging as some places are slippery or the snow is too deep for her hiking boots.  We tried to…

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Exploring the Neighborhood

January 14, 2023 Thankfully, I have managed to escape my little whiny slump for now and my outlook and attitude has been brighter and more positive.  I started walking nearly every day.  This may have done the trick.  I’ve mostly been walking around the neighborhood so far and find it fascinating the things I notice when on foot vs. just driving by.  I brought the camera one day, I also brought a bag and gloves so I could pick up trash though I don’t do this every time. Getting out more has also resulted in me meeting more people and damn I just love…

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Celebrate Joy in Others

I didn’t really take many photos this past week and there will certainly be other weeks like that.  In order to keep us all visually stimulated I will share past photos you may not have seen randomly in blogs like this one.  For example, our cover image today is a lighthouse in Howth, Ireland, just outside of Dublin.  Luke and I visited there in 2015.  He was there for a work trip for Salesforce and I was tagging along for a sightseeing vacation.  We took the train out to this seaport one day.  It was grey and rainy, but we were still charmed.  There…

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