Balloons and New Friends Bring Magic to Life

June 27, 2022 I took the plunge this week and went to a new unknown hairdresser and it really didn’t turn out bad.  I’m always impressed when they are able to keep the bleached part and dark part separated.  So what if I had to drive over an hour to find a salon.  It was a pretty drive!  I could get used to life out here... Now that my mother’s visit is over I am settling in to normal life here and realizing that I want to build more of a community for myself and the others work camping here.  I have ideas.  First,…

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A Helluva Place to Lose a Cow

June 20, 2022 Mom finished her trip to Southern Utah this past week and I went back to my routine of working.  We had a really nice time despite the heat wave and were able to do so many things.  It helped me to explore my new area a bit more as I tried to find new activities for us each day.  In the course of her visit, we saw two state parks, two national parks, parts of the national monument, went out to dinner twice and grabbed take-out from two other very good local eateries, saw a drive in movie, some live music,…

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Mom Tours Southern Utah

June 13, 2022 We had several visitors this week.  First, a friend named Judy and her husband Ernie came to see us.  We know Judy from the art association we belonged to when we lived in Massachusetts.  We went to dinner with them at the hotel they were staying at and then took them out to Devil’s Garden to explore a bit.  My next visitor was my Mom and I was overjoyed to see her and that she was willing to come all this way to see me.  Since we are a five hour drive from the airport, she took some time getting here…

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And the Stars Look Very Different Today

June 6, 2022 We started out this week going to Devil’s Garden which is a BLM day use area just outside of Escalante, Utah down Hole in the Rock road.  The road was fairly easy to travel and there is no hiking required to see the rock formations there so it was an easy activity while I was still recovering.  The landscapes out here are often described as being Mars-like.  Can you see why?          Later that night, we went back to the same spot for the meteor shower and to take Milky Way photos.  Luke captured a fantastic time lapse video…

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