Recovery Is Slow, but I’m getting There

May 30, 2022 I've made it through my quarantine period though I’m still testing positive for COVID so I cannot go back to work yet.  I’m also still avoiding indoor public places out of courtesy and an abundance of caution though according to CDC guidelines, I should be able to enter public places with a mask and not get anyone sick.  It’s been 8 days now and for most of the past week I felt pretty sick.  Like I had a bad cold.  I was congested, achey for the first couple of days, coughing, sneezing, and went through a whole box of tissues.  However,…

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Quarantine in an RV

May 23, 2022 After working for much of the past week I was looking forward to getting out to do some adventure/exploration and take photos.  I had fun plans for this week.  We were planning to visit the Capital Reef National Park yesterday.  I had also been rallying some co-workers to start a community message board to help us to plan activities with each other and one of my co-workers who had many phone numbers planned a potluck for tomorrow night.  I had also finally made an appointment with a local hairdresser to freshen up my do. However, after not being sick for about…

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Way Over Yonder

May 16, 2022 I have finished my first week as a work camper and it has been harder than I had imagined it would be.  However, it will get to the good part soon enough and I’ll be doing a victory dance.  Nothing is ever all hard of course, there’s plenty of good times and relaxing time in between the parts where I’m the new kid at work making mistakes.   So here I am at a campground for the first time in many months.  Each campground seems to have its own kind of culture and etiquette.  This campground is definitely swanky and they…

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ATV Adventures to Over Yonder

May 9, 2022 For our last few days camping in Mt Carmel, we packed in some good stuff.  We made the drive to St. George, Utah to stock up on our sensitive tummy dog food that we could not find at smaller local stores and to visit some hiking outfitters where I bought a quality pair of hiking sandals.  After doing a couple of short hikes in sugar sand, I realized these would be a nice thing to have for the summer as hiking in boots is not always the most practical or comfortable solution in the Southwest.  On the drive out there, we…

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Southern Utah, the Greatest Earth on Show

May 2, 2022 As promised, things improved this past week.  It’s really quite difficult to stay grumpy when in such a beautiful place as we are.  We found a body shop in Kanab who said they would be able to fix the truck and so we started the process of an insurance claim as we have damage to our window frame as well that would need to be fixed before they can install a new window for us.  While we were there, we talked with a local for a while who told me about some great hikes nearby.  I told him about my plans…

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