When you’ve Stopped Feeling like a Tourist, is it Time to Move on?

February 28, 2022 Today wraps up another month and we’re still camped out in the Sky Islands area of Arizona and we still love it here.  We’ve reached a very comfortable point where we know where to find everything we need, there are some familiar faces we see in town, and there’s a feeling of being at home.  Nearly every day I wonder if it is time for us to move on.  I talked about this a little bit last week too so you know it’s been on my mind.  Of course, there is excitement about exploring and getting to see new places.  After…

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A Trip to the Rodeo

February 21, 2022 The week started out cold and windy with a very blustery day that kept knocking over the solar panels we put out on the ground followed by a snowy day…that’s right…it snowed in AZ.  Just days before the snow I was outside in a sleeveless T-shirt and flip flops as it was in the mid 70’s.  We kept it low key most of the week working on various indoor projects punctuated by some trips into town to get provisions or eat out and hikes with the dogs.  One day while hiking with the dogs I found a woman’s ID very close…

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I Don’t Have To Look Very Hard to Find Beauty

February 14, 2022 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  With life being radically different for us now from what we were used to, we also don’t feel the need to make as big deal out of holidays.  We are certainly aware of them as we do marketing and ads for a business, but for a few reasons, they just aren’t a big thing for us so far.  It may be because we are away from friends and family, or that every day feels pretty special as we mostly do just what we want to do that day, or that getting and receiving stuff is often less…

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Study on Pronghorns

February 7, 2022 My journey continues to search for a great ranch experience.  I know I could probably find some tourist experience of ranch life, but that’s really not what I’m looking for.  I want to see the beauty and the struggle.  I want authenticity.  My new idea was to put a note in the local paper so I wrote to the editor who agreed to include it in the letter to the editor section of this week’s paper.  I’ll see where that gets me.   We made a new video this week that was an impromptu idea about a day in our life…

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