Life in the Border Towns

December 29, 2021 We are settling in to Sonoita, AZ.  The first thing we usually do once we have our campsite set up is to go explore the local town.  This gives us an idea of what amenities are nearby as well as local things to do and inspiration for photos.  Of course, it is winter so the grass is all yellow, but we could easily imagine the summer here with green rolling grasslands.  It is certainly not what we pictured when we decided to come to Arizona, but it makes this part of the state special and unique. We realized we were close…

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Lost in the Dunes, Cliff Dwellings, and starting a YouTube channel

December 22, 2021 Well I said I would go sledding on the sand dunes so I had to do it while we were here.  Luckily, the gift shop sold little saucer sleds used for $15 so I felt I could justify the price.  It turns out that sledding on sand isn’t very thrilling.  I found the steepest dunes I could too and it still wasn’t the fastest or smoothing sledding experience.  However, it was beautiful and a good work out climbing back up.  We had said that it would be easy to get lost out here and sure enough, it happened.  My ears started…

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White Sands, Petroglyphs, and the murdered hermit

December 14, 2021 We moved to a new camp this week boon docking on Lake Holloman (called Raptor Lake on Compendium) to boondocks.  The lake is beautiful and smells fine, but is a wastewater lake for the Air Force base right next to us so no fishing.  It’s cool to see the planes and drones taking off over the water in the morning here.  Sunsets are spectacular here as well and there is no one parking close to us as there seems to be plenty of spots.  We chose this spot in Alamogordo, NM as it was free, looked pretty, and is only 4…

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Truth or Consequences and Milky Ways

December 7, 2021 My mother came to visit for a few days while we were staying in Socorro, NM so we got to see how it would be having a guest in the camper.  Sophie (our dog) was happy to sleep in the queen size pullout with her and Mom said it was more comfortable than a typical pull out couch/bed which is great!  We drove out to White Sands NP to catch the sunset one day and it was beautiful.  This is my happy Mom at the park. She and I had a nice girls day and drove down to the town of…

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