Wherever the Road Takes You, Be Sure it Takes You Home Once in a While

September 27, 2022 So I did get a bit off track with my blog schedule.  I fretted about this for a moment, but then came to the conclusion that this probably only really mattered to me and it really wasn’t that big of a deal if I missed a week and then wrote the next one late.  So here’s what has transpired in the past two weeks:  Luke and I found a new dirt road to ramble down.  We went for several miles through a really beautiful canyon with some slickrock formations as well as chinle hills.  At points, the road merged with the…

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Nudes in the Desert and Exploring Hole in the Rock

September 12, 2022 Last week I hinted at a daring photoshoot I was doing with the girls here.  It happened and it went better than I could have ever imagined.  Many many years ago I saw and was captivated by a photo I saw captured by Herb Ritts.  He famously took beautiful black and white portraits and this particular one was popular in the late 90’s and caught my eye.  I asked some of my friends here at the campground if they would like to go out into the desert to try to recreate this image with me.  We all agreed to have Luke…

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Scorpions, Star Trails, and Crumb Cake Oh My!

September 5, 2022 We had some mini adventures this week of sleeping away from home.  It was a nice little get-away from our lovely RV.  Last Monday night, Luke picked me up from work early and surprised me with a campsite he had set up at our new favorite spot that we call Spencer Flats or Spencer Pocket, but maybe it has a more official name we are just unfamiliar with.  It was already dark when we arrived, but we had our headlamps and black light flashlight for spotting scorpions.  Wouldn’t ya know, we saw one of those suckers right away!  They really do…

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