The Road to Ruin

April 25, 2022 Just as it started to get a bit too hot in Marble Canyon, we moved up to Mount Carmel, Utah so we could explore a new area and meet up with some friends staying in Kanab.  Though Marble Canyon was beautiful, our location had frequent high winds!  One of the last days we were there, I made my fabulous rock art before we left on an open patch of sand next to our campsite.  The rocks here are so sharp and rough that my fingerprint no longer unlocked my passwords on my MacBook for a few days afterward!  I also took…

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White Pocket is Madness!

April 18, 2022 Happy belated Easter for those of you who celebrate this day.  I grew up with Easter being one of the big holidays.  My parents were religious and my stepfather was a minister so we always went to church and made this day special.  My step-sister Julie and I insisted on Easter candy hunts way past the age we should have and our parents were great about playing along.  My step-father was always really good at finding unique hiding spots.  Sometimes, this was to his detriment as we would find a piece of gross melted candy months later.  My mother always cooked…

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Hanging Around Near the North Rim

April 11, 2022 For our last couple of days in Holbrook, AZ we entertained the possibility of purchasing a piece of land containing painted desert.  As it turns out, undeveloped land is cheap and plentiful in this area and you are allowed to do just about anything you want with the land you purchase.  We looked at a few large plots that were 20-40 acres in Holbrook near the Uranium Springs camp we visited.  We talked to a man in the neighborhood who operates Alien Acres, a smallish plot of land where he lives in a school bus with his wife and dog and…

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Welcome to Holbrook, AZ: Land of Uranium Springs, the Painted Desert, Route 66, and an Amazing National Park

April 4, 2022 This week we had more adventures in and around Holbrook, AZ.  We got some chores done and were productive with our artistry of making videos and taking photos.  I’ll tell the story of the week in the order it happened for you so you can follow along in our adventures.   First, we had to bring our truck in for servicing.  We did this in a nice little town south of here called Snowflake.  We were waiting in their waiting room for a bit when a technician who seemed to be in charge told us that he follows us on YouTube.…

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