Petrified Forest National Park Amazed me!

March 28, 2022 This week was very busy after the slow winter we had.  First, we moved just north of Phoenix to Peoria to a section of land owned by Arizona Land Trust.  A permit for the year costs $15 and allows you to park on this land for up to 14 days per year so that’s just what we did.  We were parked in a desert with Saguaros all around us before dark.  We were even  able to fill up our water tank for free at Lake Pleasant just a few miles down the road.  We had great cell reception and the site…

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The Business of Life and Getting Things Done

March 21, 2022 For those of you keeping up with this blog, I know I’m late with my entry this week and I sincerely apologize.  We made plans to move on further north at the beginning of the week so the day I normally do my writing, I was distracted with running errands to stock up on stuff like propane and dog food.  We also spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to get more Heartgard for our dogs as we run out at the end of this month.  This is a medication you need to give your dogs year…

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Jenn Plans Our Next Few Months and Finds a Job

March 14, 2022 My search for a job did not take very long at all.  Within a few days of submitting applications, I was awrded with two offers in Escalante, Utah.  One was markedly better than the other so I accepted it.  I will be working part time throughout the summer at Yonder Escalante RV resort and I’m so excited.  The community is dog friendly and I am encouraged to bring Sophie to work with me at the front desk.  They have a drive in movie screen and classic cars for you to sit in while you watch the nightly movie.  They have free…

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Finding a Direction

March 7, 2022 Last week allowed some time for solemn reflection which is necessary at times.  Luke connected with several family members to talk about his brother who died too young at the age of 49.  We read and talked to friends about the war in Ukraine.  It seems that Putin is fairly universally hated, except for in Russia.  There are definitely people in Russia who are protesting this war, but it seems many of them are the young people.  In a country where the government controls all of the media, the mainstream news is representing this war as something intended to help Ukraine…

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