Happy Times Under the Stars

August 29, 2022 I’m still working extra hours as the park works on hiring new employees, but we still make time for plenty of fun.  My week started wonderfully.  I finally found a hairdresser in town and was able to see her to get my roots fixed up.  She was very sweet and did a fine job so that just made me love Escalante even more.  I also heard that one of the photo competitions I entered (which was a worldwide competition) had a photo of mine selected to go to the final round of judging.  I was beside myself with glee.  You have…

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Should We Stay or Should We go?

August, 22, 2022 Today I am writing from the road.  Luke melted the tip off his vape yesterday and I want a skirt steak (which is a specialty item) so I can make barbacoa so we’re off to Cedar City where the stores are.  This is roughly a 2 and a half hour drive, but fairly lovely as drives around here tend to be.  I’ve been basically working full time lately which is still enjoyable.  The guest interaction is so often a really pleasant experience.  Most of the guests have been so happy and grateful for everything.  It can be really heartwarming.  For example,…

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Winning and Why You Should Consider Pastafarianism

August 15, 2022 I have not really gone on any photo adventures this week as days off were few and spaced apart so I mostly used them for taking care of household stuff.  However, my creative energy and wandering mind have turned inward more and I’ve been working on my miniatures, cross stitch, and entering photography contests.  Every once in a while social media places an ad for something really useful in my feed which helped us with the idea to enter some of these contests.  I also became a big winner a couple of weeks ago in a Lust for Gold Treasure hunt…

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Life On Mars

August 8, 2022 I promised I would do some cool stuff with my time off this week and that we did.  Ever since I verified that Buffalo Bill lives here, I was resolute on meeting him.  This turned out to be an easy goal to achieve.  We went to his restaurant for lunch at the beginning of the week and just after we ordered, he sat down at the table next to us and struck up some pleasant conversation.  I wanted to tell him that we knew who he was and we were fans, but I didn’t want to out him to his other…

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Kanab Meats

August 1, 2022 We were realizing the other day that it’s been almost three months since we arrived in Escalante which is the longest we have stayed in one place since we started our nomad life.  We have both enjoyed having the extra time to slow down, explore, and make some local connections.  I have only just discovered that I can get meat delivered to me here at the campground from Kanab so this week will be some good eating as I purchased the surf and turf box from Kanab Custom Meats.  The salmon they sent was awesome and tonight I marinate this big…

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