Our Incredible Changing Landscape

October 27, 2022  I tend to get really excited about little things…really whatever interests me at any particular time.  For the past couple of weeks, I was reading that excellent book, Born to Run and I became excited about the idea that I could cure my years long trouble with plantar fasciitis by walking barefoot or in cheap non orthopedic shoes.  I finished the book at the beginning of this week and decided I had all the knowledge I needed to run an experiment.  After one day at work without my insoles I limped home feeling like I had been punched in the heel…

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It’s a Fall Slowdown Week

October 20, 2022 This week I took it a little slower.  I finished working on the backlog of photos I needed to edit and enjoyed some extra reading while getting caught up on chores.  Here are some of my keepers from my trip to Willis Creek Narrows last week.  There is always something captivating about a lone tree.       I’m beginning to make friends with more of the newer workcampers here.  Cohesion is forming in our bonding process with the current crew.  It feels nice.  Most of those working here right now say they will be back in the Spring for the…

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Oh the Places You Can Go With a Three Day Weekend

October 13, 2022 I’ve been consistently working 4 day workweeks for a while and I think this is the right amount of days to work.  It leaves you with one day to tackle chores and errands, one day to spend with family or friends, and one day just for you to spend time on a hobby or project, or just relax and do nothing at all.  Sometimes though, even three days off does not always feel like enough.  The weather is perfect here and on days off when I go out exploring, I wish I could do so every day.   On my days…

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Pando, the Largest and Oldest Living Organism on Earth

October 6, 2022 In the last blog I talked mostly about how wonderful it is to visit your old hometown and see all of your loved ones.  Well it also feels wonderful to return to my home, husband, and dogs.  I returned to busy season at the campground.  Yonder has hired Luke to shoot some reels for them so we started work on this by spending a morning shooting scenes at the lodge, in the drive-in, and the outdoor showers.  Luke was able to get some good footage, but not everything he wanted as there were too many people milling about.  It will be…

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