New Year’s Resolutions are Silly

December 31, 2022 Well, it’s my last day of a complete year of living the nomad life and I must say that despite a difficult start, we are quite happy in our lifestyle.  It seems like everything I read this past week had a them of reflection to it as we humans tend to spend some time doing between the holidays at the end of the year.  It is such a part of our culture that despite my belief that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t necessarily helpful, I cannot help but think about my life and lifestyle and what is important for me to focus…

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The Wonderful World of Tiny Things

December 22, 2022 Today we are just chilling in Cedar City, UT in the customer lounge at the Ram service center while we get some warranty work done on the truck.  Luckily, I brought my laptop and they have a handy guest Wifi network that I am using to bring some ramblings to you.  Do you recall back in July (I think) when we had a ring fall off our drive shaft and it was sliding around making a racket every time we drove?  Well, they finally got the replacement part in for us so here we are.   The cold snap is hitting…

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I am A Baking Machine

December 16, 2022 This past week I made a whole lot of cookies to share with people for the holidays.  Consequently I did not spend time outside exploring and taking photos.  We knew some weeks would be like this in the winter.  After all, we have had lows in the past week in the single digits and the highs have only hit the low 30’s.  I made five varieties of cookies and they are all cookies I have never made before.  They all came out delicious, but I won’t be making the peppermint candy cane cookies again.  Mixing the dough nearly broke my small…

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The Wonder of It All

December 9, 2022 Well it’s definitely Christmas/holiday season even in remote areas of the country.  We may not be near any big retail establishments (which is so wonderful by the way), but there are still festive happenings way out here.  We started the week by visiting the Christmas market that was happening in Boulder one afternoon.  I was able to get some handmade cards that contain riddles or puns and a few small gifts to send to family members.  Luke got pulled into the photo booth they had to get his Christmas photo.  I just happened to see Santa at the market today and…

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Living Like Normals

December 2, 2022 It’s been a wonderful post-holiday week.  I learned that I do indeed still have asthma when I tried to keep up with our friend and Yonder manager Curtis on a hike to a cool secret house in a cliff.  I survived just fine, but I sounded like an old lady with emphysema for a while.  The secret house in the rock is a place nearby that only locals are allowed to know about.  The story is that at an unknown time, Native Americans in the area paid some folks in town to help them haul some materials up this cliff and…

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