Thanksgiving in New Mexico

November 30, 2021 We finished up some stuff we wanted to do in Colorado and hit the road for Sante Fe, NM on Thanksgiving Day.  We had found a spot to boondocks at the Casa Del Rio, part of the Santa Fe National Forest and set up camp for a couple of nights.  Sante Fe was nice, but still fairly chilly so we did not stay long.  I really wanted to see Meow Wolf so that’s what we did.  If you have never heard of it, it’s a large interactive art installation in Sante Fe.  It started off with a group of artists making…

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Cano, the most Interesting Man in Colorado

November 22, 2021 I wasn’t sure how tough it would be cooking in an RV, but I have really embraced it.  I’ve even cooked some things I haven’t ever made before.  Since we are at a campground with no hook ups, I am also learning about how to conserve our tank space and use less water.  This can definitely have an effect on how and what I cook as I don’t want to make a lot of dishes that need washing.  I’ve been able to make soups, stews, and cook meat in the instant pot.  I’ve also used the air fryer lid I got…

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Hiking in San Luis Valley Colorado

November 13, 2021 Despite the cold nights, this area is beautiful so we are staying a while. We are in Hooper, CO in the San Luis Valley.  We are surrounded by amazing views of mountains, the sun shines just about every day, we made some friends here, and the campground is cheap.  It’s dark skies time as there is a new moon right now so we are doing Milky Way photography and this seems to be the perfect place for it. We also experimented with star trails here with our 360 degree camera.   We’re learning better how to be off the grid since…

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Hunting for UFOs

November 4, 2021 The problems happening in the shipping industry decided to dump some more bad news on us as the last part we needed was not getting shipped to the dealership.  No biggie, we just went to get it and had to strap a 7 foot piece of aluminum to the bed of the truck.  We tipped our friendly service workers and went on our merry way. On October 30th we arrived at the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colorado.  What a place!  This watchtower/campground is owned by Judy Messoline who started as a rancher and noticed that many people were coming to this…

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