John Wesley Powell, American Badass

February 25, 2023 John Wesley Powell began exploring the Colorado River and canyons on the staircase in 1869.  Prior to his expedition, most white explorers who came to this area regarded the canyons as unimpressive geological formations that stood in the way of easy travel through the area.  When he completed surveying the area he stated, ‘“I tell you gentlemen, you are piling up a heritage of conflict and litigation over water rights, for there is not sufficient water to supply these lands!”’ (Sadler, The Colorado, 2018).  In this same book Sadler also shares a famous quote from Mark Twain, ‘“whisky’s for drinking, water’s…

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The Horniest Dinosaur

February 18, 2023 Happy belated Valentine’s Day y’all.  I started this week by making homemade Valentine’s Day cards one afternoon with a woman who lives in town and loves to craft.  My friend Sara and I went over to her house where she had stickers, cloth, beads, glitter, magazines to cut up, and colored card stock.  She showed us some that she had made for ideas and inspiration and we got to work. We made some to send to family and some for local friends.  Making custom Valentines is not a quick task though so we ended up making them for only a few…

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The Mud and the Blood in Southern Utah

February 10, 2023 So I actually don’t have any stories involving blood this week, but there sure is mud.  Spring is coming soon and we are all getting excited about getting outside more.  There’s a buzzing energy lately when I go into the Visitor Center to volunteer as the rangers talk about hikes or projects that they have planned.  We’ve also had more visitors coming in to ask questions or gather maps as well as many more people calling to ask questions in preparation for trips they have planned soon to the area.  My friend Sara who worked at Yonder with me last summer…

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Thanks Anyway, Mr. Groundhog

February 3, 2023 Well, it’s still winter, but temps have gone above freezing a few times so some of the snow here has been melting and we are seeing more people out and about exploring the monument over the past week.  The urge to adventure is a bit contagious as it has led several of us at the visitor center to begin planning adventures of our own.  I just planned a hike for this weekend and I’m hoping that it works out well for us and it’s not too slippery or cold.  I think we are all at the point now where we are…

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