The Bone Hunter

November 25, 2022 A joyous Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  This holidays is built on lies and genocide, but since we love an excuse to eat rich foods and have dinner parties, we ignore all of that and eat way too much food.  In reality, the advertising industry created most holidays, based on myths, legends, and history, but the traditions we hold around these holidays are by and large created by industries trying to sell us something.  My oh my were they ever good at doing so!  I cooked second turkey ever yesterday.  The first time Luke actively assisted as we brined it and then…

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Because People are the Greatest Thing to Happen

November 17, 2022 This past week was full of delicious food, bittersweet goodbyes, and cold weather.  Last Thursday evening though we found a place with an open mic of sorts and wouldn’t you know…they hold it on Thursdays just like our open mic back home.  Luke got a chance to play and sing some old songs with a few really talented musicians in the area and we had fun.  If you’re in our area, come by The Ranch Dog Kitchen for an early dinner on Thursday evening and join in or just listen. It’s that time of year when the daytime temps are often…

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Embracing the Coming Downtime

November 10, 2022 Things are slowing down around here as we ease into winter and more time spent on indoor activities like reading while huddled under a cozy blanket.  Right now I am reading the biography written by Flea, Acid for the Children.  Wanna know why I’m reading this book?  I saw it on the shelf in an airport bookstore last month and the title made me chuckle.  Why not?  I love books and it’s not often that I come across a book that is a boring waste of time so I trust my instincts in the books I select.  So far, it’s well…

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Planning Our Dope Ass Winter

November 3, 2022 My friend here Amanda really got my week off to a great start.  She invited me out on some short hikes to see pictographs in the area. We started out by visiting Kiva coffee house just before they closed for the season.  I had a fine latte and a tasty turkey sandwich, but perhaps best of all is the amazing view they have out their backdoor.   Amazingly, Amanda was the person I had the most difficulty with forming a relationship with at first, but she is really a warm, funny, and caring person and I’m blessed to have become friends…

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