The Proud Volunteer

January 31, 2022 I started out this week continuing to look for volunteer opportunities or ways that I could contribute and be of service to the community here.  I printed a sign to put up on local bulletin boards stating that I could help out with my email address and emailed the visitor center in Patagonia which I had noticed was not open much and had a sign on the door saying they were looking for volunteers.  Within 24 hours the visitor center had responded and offered me an easy shift on Saturday afternoons so I never even had a chance to hang my…

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Nomad making connections in the Community

January 25, 2022 We are learning all the time in this new lifestyle and I think we’ve now figured out how to best deal with our trash while boon docking.  Many people say to put it in grocery bags so you can throw them out at gas stations.  Since boon docking is not something we do every now and again, but seems to be an all the time thing for us for now, that won’t really work for us.  We just accumulate too much trash I guess with cooking in the rig almost every day.  We try to minimize it as best we can,…

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The Modern Era comes to a small town

January 19, 2022 The town of Patagonia has absolutely charmed me so I spent a day walking around and taking photos downtown while Luke worked on making a short video of the town.  While on our walk, we stopped in at the Velvet Elvis pizza place and enjoyed a delicious pineapple and pepperoni pizza.  If you’ve never tried this combo on your pizza, I tell you it is perfect!  The owner was there and stopped by to chat with us.  She told us that this is a great town to live in and it spits you out when it’s done with you and you…

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Patagonia, Better Than Bologna

January 12, 2022 We moved to a small artsy, nature lovers town next to us called Patagonia at the start of this week and we both instantly fell in love with the town.  The downtown area is walkable and has a few shops, restaurants, and even a laundry with two machines.  There’s a few art shops, a museum, and visitor center too.  Lots of dirt roads that lead into canyons or beautiful views of colorful cliffs.  Our campsite is in fact down one of these dirt roads near a ranch within the Coronado National Forest.  It’s really big and has a nice big tree…

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Off Grid Living in Las Ciengas

January 5, 2022 Oh where does the time go?  Hard to believe it’s a new year already though I feel that way almost every year.  Our first week boon docking in Sonoita, AZ was rather chilly and rainy after a couple of initial days of warm sunshine.  I decided I had cabin fever though and booked a tour of some of the local vineyards.  After all, this is wine country so how could I skip truly experiencing this area for what it is famous for.  The wines and the cheese were tasty.  The tour guide also showed me the spot in Elgin, AZ where…

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