I Start To Change

September 18, 2021

I spaced these out a bit more as we are not on the road again yet so there is not a lot happening for travel and exploration these days.

However, this time with especially my mother and best friend has been invaluable. Its been just over a month since I left my full time job and I have already noticed changed in my stress level, outlook, and even my personality. I feel like I can slow down to appreciate things more fully. I can listen more deeply. I can do more for others. I feel wonderful and happy and free as this realization and different approach to life settles in.

While emptying the last things out of the house we were able to donate some things we felt good about and find some ways to repurpose things we wanted to keep that didn’t make a lot of sense to keep.  My father lives in Connecticut and has always been a woodworker and has built houses and beautiful furniture for himself.  For my wedding gift, I asked him to make me a wooden bench which we then used as a guestbook at our reception.  It was a beautiful bench, but we never did get around to having it planted in the ground.  It was huge and not something we could take with us…or was it.  We sawed it into chunks that we took with us as having extra wooden blocks is also helpful with RVs.  I love looking at our new leveling blocks and seeing signatures and well wishes from our loved ones.


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I spent some quality time helping my mother repaint some rooms in her house and had fun doing it.  Nikki and I made matching tie dye shirts and socks because we are cool like that.

IMG 2490

We attended a couple of concerts and the Freedom Rally in Boston.  Life is good.  I also started making a miniature of a fruit stand and found ways to day this in the camper by using a tray table and the butcher block that we can pop onto the island.  

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I also had my last meet up with co-workers at the “wine club” we started in 2018 when the new contracts started and half of our crew went separate ways.


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